IoT and Environmental Science

Our feature this week is an interview by Amit Chopra who talked to Gordon Blair on IoT and environmental science. Jumps: 00:10 Intro 00:32 News 00:32 Brainwave Authentication 02:14 Quiz Questions 03:18 Interview 03:18 Introduction 03:40 How did you start off working on Distributed Systems?… Continue Reading

Machines of loving grace

Our feature this week is an interview with Nicholas Hart talked who’s talking to Julie McCann about sensor networks. Jumps: 00:10 Intro 00:31 News 00:31 Pattern Lock can break in less than 5 attempts 01:37 Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era… Continue Reading

Compilers everywhere

This month is compilers month! You’ll hear about all sorts of compilery topics, from automated security to building compilers through partial specialisation. It’s all good stuff, we think you’ll like it. And, you can, as always, find out if Edd… Continue Reading

Somewhere over the rainbow

This month we talk to Lambda man himself, Phil Wadler, about functional web programming, Ian Sommerville introduces us to cloud computing and we get a report about the most recent HiPEAC conference. Oh, and Edd fails miserably at the quiz!… Continue Reading