Supercloud, Time, and Wireless Datacenter

October has been slow, and we’ve been slow with it. But the wait is over! The first of the October episodes is out! This time, Sylvain Frey talks to Hakim Weatherspoon from Cornell University about the supercloud, time synchronization, and the wireless datacenter experiment.… Continue Reading

Happy birthday CompuCast!

Our thirteenth and birthday episode! In this month’s episode we bring you our birthday celebrations. Edd gets to find out what we do when we’re not producing CompuCast and Helen and Dominik bring us an extra special Birthday Oddity. Also… Continue Reading

Somewhere over the rainbow

This month we talk to Lambda man himself, Phil Wadler, about functional web programming, Ian Sommerville introduces us to cloud computing and we get a report about the most recent HiPEAC conference. Oh, and Edd fails miserably at the quiz!… Continue Reading