Robot Wars!

Welcome to the second September episode of CompuCast!

This time, we have a very interesting interview with Sethu Vijayakumar from the University of Edinburgh. We talk about Robot Wars, his role as a judge, and his work on Robotics.

And as always, we bring you the latest news and a joke no-one asked for.



  • 00:12 Intro
  • 00:57 News
  • 03:20 Interview
  • 20:20 Joke

Crew for this episode:

  • Pavlos Petoumenos
  • James Owers
  • Hugh Leather


  • Sethu Vijayakumar


Pavlos Petoumenos

Assembled in Corinth, Greece. Currently installed in an office in the University of Edinburgh. Married to 16 GNU/Linux servers

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