Machines of loving grace

Our feature this week is an interview with Nicholas Hart talked who’s talking to Julie McCann about sensor networks.


00:10 Intro
00:31 News

04:22 Interview

  • 04:50 Introduction
  • 05:42 What is the problem with IoT?
  • 06:33 What’s a smart bridge?
  • 08:17 Can we build a sensor network that is snooping-proof?
  • 10:20 Is it practical to build a system that is intrinsically secure in this way?
  • 11:30 Would it be useful or good if we do build them intrinsically secure?
  • 12:35 Are sensors necessarily only passive, or can they be part of an active node?
  • 13:58 Since they can be active does this create the need of distributed software?
  • 15:15 Where will the real mass impact be of this technology?
  • 16:52 What about further in the future?
  • 18:31 What are the genuinely difficult challenges in the networking space?
  • 20:18 Do you think we might need storm forward?
  • 21:21 Are there more advances to be had in the hardware area?
  • 22:36 Is there a next generation of radio pervasiveness to come?
  • 23:56 Would Li-Fi have value in the smart bridge environment?
  • 25:18 More about the field under water project?
  • 27:38 Would vineyards be a real-life application of this?
  • 29:07 How close are we to the idea of a generic sensor moat?
  • 29:51 So the challenge is not a technical one, but a theoretical one?
  • 30:39 What is the question you would ask yourself? What are machines of loving grace?

32:42 The Joke!
33:16 Outro

Crew for this episode:

  • Chris Banks
  • Pavlos Petoumenos
  • Stan Manilov
  • Nicholas Hart
  • Dan Mills


  • Prof Julie McCann

Stan Manilov

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