IoT and Environmental Science

Our feature this week is an interview by Amit Chopra who talked to Gordon Blair on IoT and environmental science.


00:10 Intro
00:32 News

02:14 Quiz Questions
03:18 Interview

  • 03:18 Introduction
  • 03:40 How did you start off working on Distributed Systems?
  • 05:15 What are some of the challenges that face today’s network engineers?
  • 06:07 What is the source of this complexity?
  • 07:18 Interoerpability is a big challenge.
  • 08:00 What would be a system of systems?
  • 09:17 We need these massive systems to address some of the biggest problems of society nowadays.
  • 10:10 Are IoT and cloud computing crucial building blocks in solutions that address these problems?
  • 11:10 Is the problem of IoT the lack of software engineering methodologies designed for it?
  • 12:30 Is security a critical challenge that needs to be addressed?
  • 13:30 What’s the way forward to addressing the problems of trust and security?
  • 14:30 Can you talk a bit about your fellowship?
  • 15:40 Do the scientist you are working with have access to data centres to carry out the simulations?
  • 16:50 What kind of scientists are you working with?
  • 17:17 How do these scientists communicate? How is modeling done?
  • 18:12 Is the project also going to look into the Data Science aspects of data curation?
  • 19:02 How has the field changed in the last thirty years?
  • 19:56 What principles of the field will carry us forward in the next ten-twenty years?
  • 20:40 Is using more declarative languages something that interests you?
  • 21:45 Which of the many projects was the work that gave you the most satisfaction?
  • 22:45 What is computational reflection and what does it mean for adaptation?
  • 24:08 How would you advise younger researchers on approaching problems?
  • 25:00 Interview outro

25:28 Quiz Answers
29:37 Outro

Crew for this episode:

  • Chris Banks
  • Stan Manilov
  • Andrew McLeod
  • Amit Chopra
  • Pavlos Petoumenos
  • Hugh Leather


  • Prof Gordon Blair

Stan Manilov