Dart’s Past, Present, and Future

Welcome to the first December episode of CompuCast!

We have prepared for you a questionable news segment, followed by our main feature. There, Stan interviews Dan Grove and Kasper Lund about the past, present, and future of the Dart programming language. Of course, Compucast wouldn’t be the same without the monthly joke, which you’ll also be able to enjoy in this episode.


00:12 Intro
00:48 News

05:55 Interview

  • 06:07 How did you get involved with Dart?
  • 06:36 Why did you decide we need a new language?
  • 07:49 What did Dart bring to the table?
  • 08:36 Why do you think Dart had a problem getting traction with the developer community and how is this problem being solved?
  • 10:12 Did the language have to change for external adoption? How about the move away from Dartium?
  • 11:08 What is Dart in 2016? What is the main focus and the ways forwards?
  • 13:06 Can Dart be used today for end-to-end web and mobile development?
  • 13:53 What do you think Dart will look like in ten years from now?

15:50 The Joke

Crew for this episode:

  • Andrew McLeod
  • Hugh Leather
  • Pavlos Petoumenos
  • Stan Manilov
  • Rodrigo Caetano Rocha


  • Kasper Lund
  • Dan Grove


Stan Manilov

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