Cognitive Integration

The second October Episode of Compucast is here!

In this episode, Nicholas Hart interviews Jose Principe, from the University of Florida, on the Cognitive Integration of Prosthetic Devices. And, of course, we bring you the latest news and our monthly quiz.


  • 00:40 News
  • 03:43 Quiz questions
  • 04:37 Interview
    • Introduction
    • 05:35 Is it a coincidence that that work on NN became applicable to Computational Neuroscience?
    • 06:55 Is NN not used anymore, but more mathematical approaches are? Are they very different?
    • 07:31 Is the model you’re doing coming up with a decoding mechanism for all the complicated data and is there understanding involved?
    • 08:16 How close do you feel your work is to being usable?
    • 10:33 What would be the first kind of application?
    • 11:43 The bandwidth problem.
    • 11:47 Is maths fundamental to the problem?
    • 13:48 Would adding more probes to the brain improve the quality of data?
    • 14:59 How does visual data encoding on the nerve work?
    • 17:03 How can pulses encoded so much information?
    • 18:25 Does this principle of neuro-transmission encoding applies across the animal kingdom?
    • 19:03 Where’s the next great big leap of your field going to come?
    • 20:02 What is the question I should’ve asked?
  • 22:53 Quiz answers


  • Hugh Leather
  • Pavlos Petoumenos
  • Maria Astefanoaei
  • Rodrigo Caetano de Oliveira Rocha
  • Andrew McLeod
  • Nicholas Hart
  • Zheng Wang


  • Jose Principe


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