Big data processing and security on distributed systems

Happy New Year! Here we are, catching up on our backlog, by publishing our second December episode.

In this episode, Stan interviews Prof. Peter Pietzuch on the topic of big data processing and security on distributed systems. Also, we’ll challenge you with our monthly quiz and you’ll witness a stunning performance from Pavlos who confesses of reading a book once.


00:15 Intro
00:43 News

05:38 The Quiz questions
06:42 Interview

  • 06:54 What do you do at Imperial?
  • 07:43 What are the kinds of problems large internet companies have?
  • 08:34 Beyond encryption, what needs to be done to protect data on the cloud?
  • 10:32 What other research challenges lie within usage of Intel SGX?
  • 12:06 Is Intel SGX a silver bullet, or caution needs to be taken nevertheless?
  • 13:21 Apart from security, what other problems are you focusing on?
  • 15:01 What are the challenges with using heterogeneous hardware for a single service?
  • 16:08 What is your opinion about the supercloud?
  • 18:04 How does it relate to your research?
  • 19:18 How do you think cloud computing is going to look like in 5 years?

20:57 The Quiz answers
25:07 Outro

Crew for this episode:

  • Andrew McLeod
  • Hugh Leather
  • Pavlos Petoumenos
  • Rodrigo Caetano Rocha
  • Stan Manilov


  • Prof. Peter Pietzuch

Stan Manilov

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