Feeling Sentimental

This episode we talk to Prof. Paul McKevitt from Ulster University about Sentiment analysis. Paul is Chair in Digital MultiMedia at the School of Creative Arts & Technologies, Faculty of Arts and member of the Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI).  

All in the Family

In this, the first of our August episodes, we talk to Graham Kirby about family tree generation. We hope you enjoy it!

Emotions, Meditation, and HCI

Welcome to the second July episode! This week we bring you the latest news, exciting quiz questions and an interview with Corina Sas by Nicholas Hart talking about HCI in health care. Crew for this episode: Pavlos Petoumenos Daniel Mills James Owers… Continue Reading

Data saves lives

Welcome to the first July episode of Compucast! In this episode we bring you the latest news, Maria delivers a splendid joke, and Yehia Elkhatib talks to Junaid Qadir about big data applications in developing countries. Jumps: 00:12 Intro 00:39 News 02:38 Interview 16:16 Joke… Continue Reading

Future of 5G

The long due second episode for June is finally out! In this episode we talk to Mahesh Marina about the future of 5G. Jumps: 00:12 Intro 00:37 News 02:55 Quiz questions 03:27 Interview 17:45 Quiz answers 23:10 Outro Crew for… Continue Reading

Every Cloud

In this Episode we talk to Babak Falsafi about cloud computing. Crew for this episode: Chris Banks Andrew McLeod Pavlos Petoumenos Stan Manilov Maria Astefanoaei Ludovica Luisa Vissat Volker Seeker Hugh Leather Guests: Babak Falsafi

Clouded Spring

Welcome to the 2016 Spring episode of Compucast. In this episode we have got two great features for you. Barry interviews Awais Rashid about cyber security, and Yehia talks to Jon Crowcroft about personal cloud and MirageOS. Crew for this episode:… Continue Reading

CompuCast Rebooted!

It’s been a long time since Compucast has been producing episodes.  There was definitely something wrong.  We couldn’t tell what, so we turned it off and on again. Now, we’re back! Welcome to the first in a new series of… Continue Reading