Hugh Leather
Hugh is researching machine learning in compilers at the University of Edinburgh. He just loves the idea of getting computers to do all the work for him and making them tweak compilers for him is exactly what he thinks they're for.
Zheng Wang
Zheng is a lecturer in Lancaster University. He is researching compiler and runtime optimisation to make computing systems run faster and consume less energy.
John Thomson
John a lecturer in Computer Science at St. Andrews University. His research interests include optimising compilers, HPC, embedded systems, applied machine learning, parallelisation techniques, software power-saving techniques, runtime systems, GPGPU optimisation and hardware specialisation via dark silicon.
Helen is not entirely sure how she got herself into CompuCast, as her main field is more the science of the brain than the science of the computer. However, she thinks the idea of communicating interesting news is a great idea and is happy to learn about computer science from an interesting and well-presented podcast. She has also been inspired to think more about how to communicate her own area of research, computational neuroscience, more effectively.
Chris Banks
Chris is a postdoc in Informatics at Edinburgh. His interests are formal languages and logic for modelling systems in a wide variety of application domains (from computers to biology).
Pavlos Petoumenos
Pavlos is a Research Associate in the CArD group in ICSA at the University of Edinburgh, working in the areas of compiler optimisations, runtime adaptation and auto-tuning, with an emphasis on issues of power and energy efficiency.
Gaya Nadarajan
Gaya got hooked into CompuCast after chatting to Hugh on one of those free beer evenings at the Informatics Forum. Having just finished the PhD and having nothing better to do, she decided to join for the fun of it and also broaden her knowledge in AI and computer science.
Athina Spiliopoulou
Athina likes to keep busy with many stuff and thought the idea of communicating computer science was definitely worth a shot. After Helen's domineering request to do the CompuCast news, she had no option but to get involved. Athina is a research fellow at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, at the University of Edinburgh. She develops machine learning methods for predicting complex phenotypic traits based on genomic and environmental information.
Annette Leonard
Annette got recruited to Compucast during one of her many outreach activities. She's in the last few month of writing up her PhD on creating automated answers to clinical comparison questions.
Edward Brooke
Edd is a part time freelance sound engineer who loves every single opportunity he gets to use his recording toys. And so when his friend Hugh told him he was going to start a computer science podcast, he naturally jumped at the opportunity. Edd really enjoys working on CompuCast as he is slightly out of his comfort zone... he has somehow managed to get a speaking part which is very exciting if just a tad daunting! If you like what you hear and would like help with a project then you can contact Edd on the email below.
Stan Manilov
Stan is a PhD student working on compiler optimization and automatic parallelisation. He enjoys taking interviews for Compucast which involves talking to a multitude of experts in the field. He also actively recruits new members of the team.
Tom Spink
Rui Li
Maria Astefanoaei
Andrew McLeod
Andrew is a PhD student in ILCC at the University of Edinburgh. He is working on automatic music transcription. Specifically, he is attempting to create a language model to help computers understand the underlying structure and functionality of music.
Yehia Elkhatib
Dr. Yehia Elkhatib is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of distributed systems at the School of Computing and Communications of Lancaster University, UK. He works to enable distributed applications to traverse infrastructural boundaries. Yehia is the creator and chair of the international Cross-Cloud workshop series.
Barry Porter
Barry is a lecturer and researcher in autonomous, adaptive and emergent software systems at Lancaster University. He examines the application of machine learning to all aspects of the software development process, from design to implementation and ongoing maintenance, and loves thinking about what this means for the future!
Fearn Bishop
Fearn is a PhD student at the University of St Andrews, she's interested in how children understand Information Visualisations. She's keen to open the magical world of computing up to a broader audience, so when offered the chance to join CompuCast it seemed like a pretty good idea!
Uchechukwu Awada
Awada is a researcher in distributed systems in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.
Nicholas Hart
I am a researcher at Lancaster University, working on cloud computing, future network technologies, and SDN (Software Defined Networking). My principal areas of investigation are around SDN in BGP, and hybrid SDN for Inter Domain Routing and data centre networking. Apart from SDN, my main interest is in Functional Programming, (Haskell mostly), and in particular where FP and Networks intersect. Oh, and I am a mathematician by qualification...
Sylvain Frey
The security of cyber-physical systems is Sylvain's playground. He particularly enjoys studying the resilience of critical infrastructures and focusing of the (often neglected) human aspects of security.
David Morrision
David Morrison is a Research Assistant at the St Andrews University School of Computer Science. He is a member of the St Andrews Human-Computer Interaction Group (SACHI) and works on applications of remote sensing technologies to domains such as health and environmental protection. Before joining SACHI, David was a games developer working for companies including Ubisoft and Outplay.